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LB Energy,  Is a Solar (PV) Developer, Integrator and Panel Distributor offering a full spectrum of services to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government and healthcare agencies.

LB Energy is committed to energy conservation minimizing the cost of electricity through the use of renewable energy systems.

Our staff maintains a high commitment to safety and health, keeping accidents and injuries to a zero policy. We strive to maintain compliance with federal, state and local safety and health regulations.

LB Energy pursues excellence in every area of the company.

Two Locations At

40 Commerce Rd.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Ph: 973.571.2200
Fx: 973.571.2240


211 Warren St. Suite 121
Mailbox #27
Newark, NJ
Ph: 973.565.0060
Fx: 973.565.9787


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